Final instructions

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    Per Aage Brandt f. 1944. Dansk digter.

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    Per Aage Brandt f. 1944. Dansk digter.
    "Purify your heart and forget something called life For the time of play is gone and the time of truth Has come God will absolve you of your sins and Be assured that it will be only moments and then You will attain the ultimate and greatest reward
    Check your bag clothes knives tools ID passport All of your papers Inspect all your weapons Before departure Let each find his blade For the prey to be slaughtered As soon as you put your feet in and before you enter Start praying and realize that this is a battle for the sake of God and when you sit in your seat say the prayers When the plane starts moving then you are traveling Toward God and what a blessing that travel is
    (Mohamed Atta, Final Instructions)"

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